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Humour: Saying “Goodnight” in Kodambakkam

7 Jun
Annah Good night ‘na
Yen iniya thamizh makkalle. Yenakkum konjum English theriyum. Good night.
Good night Chellam.
Machi Goodnight Da!
Indha Jujubi vela ippo vendaa’. Naa ‘ oru thadava sonaa’ , nooru thadava sonna maadhiri. Good night.
Indha kullir kaalathile, kasa musa ellaa panaame paduthu thoongu’nga. Ithu unga aallu, Bhagyaraj thaan. Good night.
Thutheri kasumalam. En characteraiye purinjikamaateengale appo yetharkage pesanum…eh? Good night!
Mmmm? English’le yenakku therinja rende rendu vaarthaithaan. Good night.
Hey. Naane sonnathu rightu
Ippo yethukupa sightu
Off podra lightu
Naan solre Good nightu.
Aiyyo, Aiyyo. Summa thamash thaa’ maapleh. Good night.

Vadivelu-From Comedian to Villain : What went wrong?

28 May

Those who have followed Vadivelu’s career would know that his was a slow and difficult climb to the top. Having entered the cine field when Goundamani and Sendhil reigned supreme, it was extremely difficult for him but he did succeed – some would say against all odds.

What endeared him to audiences and the film world were his admirable qualities like his humility and simplicity.

In his early days as an actor it was Vijayakanth who opened many doors for him as they both hailed from Madurai. There was a time that the two were very close and enjoyed a very special friendship.

The burning question then is : How did such a strong bond of friendship turn into bitterness and hatred? Such a major disagreement could not have materialized out of nothing.

Most people these days remember the public spat between them when Vijayakanth’s brother-in-law (his sister’s husband) passed away. Vadivelu, who lived on the same street, was annoyed when he saw the many vehicles on the road and assumed that the obstruction had been caused by visitors to Vijayakanth’s house for a political meeting.

He let loose some choice words and kicked some of the cars. Some of Vijayakanth’s well-wishers who were standing outside the house witnessed this and confronted him. That was when an argument ensued and Vadivelu clouted one of these men. They retaliated and this incident became big news.

This saw Vadivelu open charges of assault against the men and a charge of attempted murder against Vijayakanth, saying that Vijayakanth had orchestrated the entire thing.

THIS IS THE STORY THAT EVERYONE REMEMBERS but the incident tells us nothing about why Vadivelu reacted with anger on seeing the cars – clearly signifying that was a major problem long before this.

Does anyone know? If anyone does, it remains a secret – so that leaves everything to conjecture. Let us look at the two theories about Why Vadivelu’s personality changed:



Vadivelu’s growing popularity and then his graduation to lead star in Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi transformed him from a humble person to an egotistical, obnoxious person.

It is common knowledge that Vadivelu’s asking rate for each film quadrupled after the release and success of Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi. Together with this new rate came a new attitude – a high-handed, haughty one very unlike Vadivelu’s attitude in the early days of his career.

Evidence of this was when a senior journalist went to the sets of Indhira Logathil Naa Azhagappan – his second film as lead actor. The reporter was seeking a story as a cover story and he wanted Vadivelu to feature on the cover. Without even responding directly to the journalist’s polite request, Vadivelu went to the producer and told him in a loud voice that if he did not get the reporter off the set, he (Vadivelu) would leave the set and not return.

The journalist heard and saw this and could not believe his eyes and ears but he left the sets without a word. The mistake he made was that he did not mention this incident until months later – after Vadivelu had reacted in a similar manner to others in the media.

Another much-publicised incident is the insulting way Vadivelu treated actor Shaam when Shaam approached him to play a role in Anthony Yaar. Apart from the abusive words Vadivelu used on him, he also manhandled him and physically pushed him away.

Shaam was so hurt and angered by Vadivelu’s reaction that he lodged a complaint with the Nadigar Sangam. However, at that that time, Sarathkumar – the head of the Sangam – had an excellent relationship with the DMK and the matter was effectively squashed upon intervention from Karunanidhi’s DMK.

Was Vadiveu’s rise to fame too rapid for him to adapt? Why was he acting in such an obnoxious manner?



There is a view that two men who were friends would not suddenly break their friendship over something trivial.

This would mean that something serious had to happen between Vijayakanth and Vadivelu (and this was before the days of Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikes)

Since there was no single incident one can point to, the assumption is that something or someone caused these two friends to separate.

Is it just a coincidence that this spat occurred so soon after Vijayakanth announced his entry into the political arena? Is it just a coincidence that this happened 11 days after Vijayakanth publicly declared that he was in opposition to the DMK?

Or….Was this orchestrated by M.Karunanidhi or the DMK to teach Vijayakanth a lesson?

Remember, this is the same group that orchestrated a temporary disagreement between MGR and Jayalalitha just after MGR was expelled from the DMK and announced that he was forming his own party.

The pattern seems all too familiar.

Of course, one must also remember that Vadivelu has also turned enemy against another former close friend, comedian Singamuthu. He has also made some libelous comments against Singamuthu and Singamuthu’s reply was to open a battery of charges against Vadivelu. In turn, Vadivelu opened a charge against Singamuthu, accusing him of plotting his (Vadivelu’s) murder.

Has Vadivelu been the victim of somebody’s master plan or a victim of his own ego?

For the sake of his career and his fans, Vadivelu himself needs to so some soul-searching, find the answer and then work towards a solution.

Vadivelu denied permission to visit Rajinikanth

24 May

Real Life,Reel Life?

Has Vadivelu finally realised the ramifications of his words and actions?

Immediately after the election results, he left Chennai and was seen only once in Madurai after paying a visit to M.K. Azhagiri.

Over the weekend he reiterated his view on Vijayakanth and said that he did not regret anything he said about him.

Perhaps the most troubling factor for him right now is that he does not have any film projects on hand. This is in response to his unsavoury comments against Rajinikanth after he was dropped from the cast of Rana. These comments angered fans of the Superstar and it did not help things that Rajinikanth fell ill on the day these comments were made.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Vadivelu who surreptitiously returned to Chennai, tried to pay a visit to Rajinikanth in hospital – presumably to try to bury the hatchet and remove the “outcast” label he (Vadivelu) now wears. However, hospital authorities refused to allow him access to Rajinikanth, saying that his presence would not help the superstar’s recuperation.

It was indeed fortunate for Vadivelu that there were no fans of Rajinikanth waiting outside as they had all returned home after a direct request from Rajinikanth’s wife, Latha Rajinikanth. Had they been present, there could well have been a nasty incident at the hospital.

Is Vadivelu now sorry about the flippant remark he made about Rana and the veiled threat against Rajinikanth? Is he now seeking the Superstar’s help in opening doors in Kodambakkam that have now been firmly shut and bolted several times? If he is indeed sorry about his words and actions, perhaps it is time to forgive and forget  – although one would expect him to retract the libellous comments he made against Vijayakanth.

Read the full story on the Vadivelu-Vijayakanth issue at : https://udhayamonline.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/vadivelu-from-comedian-to-villain-what-went-wrong/

Vadivelu banned for 5 years?

22 May

VADIVELU in happier times, campaigning for the DMK who suffered their worst defeat ever at the polls.

There are reports emanating from a youtube link that Vadivelu has been banned from Tamil films for the next 5 years. Whilst it is certainly true that many Kodambakkam personalities are upset about the comments he made about Vijayakanth during his election campaign for the DMK, a ban based on his behaviour during elections would be considered very extreme.

In a “comeback interview” Vadivelu said that there was no truth that he was hiding from people or the press and that he had simply gone to Madurai to spend some time with his mother.

Asked about whether he regretted the way he conducted himself during the campaign, Vadivelu was unrepentant and said that everything he said was true and that he would always stand by what he said. Taking another swipe at Vijayakanth, he said that Vijayakanth should not start to think the people favour him as people had only voiced their support for Jayalalitha and not him (He would have a tough time explaining how Vijayakanth’s MDMK garnered more votes than Karunanidhi’s DMK)

He also said that he would continue to oppose Vijayakanth, especially if he tried to call himself “Karruppu MGR” again.

Asked about his forthcoming roles in films, Vadivelu dismissed the question flippantly,, saying that he does not rely on money from films to make a living and that he does not care whether he acts in films or not.

Where is all this arrogance coming from? Is this the Vadivelu that people grew to love? Is this the same Vadivelu whose humility made him such a popular figure on and off the screen? Is he saying that he does not really care about acting or the film industry?

It’s time to come back to earth, Vadivelu. Humility is a Tamil trait…Be a true Tamilian. After all neenga Madhuraikaaranthaane??

READ THE BACKGROUND INFORMATION  on the Vadivelu-Vijayakanth problem at https://udhayamonline.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/vadivelu-from-comedian-to-villain-what-went-wrong/

Vadivelu’s house attacked

18 May

A gang of thugs have attacked Vadivelu’s farm house in the latest attack on the once-popular comedian who angered many people by his personal attacks on DMDK President, Vijayakanth. Once best friends, the two have become bitter enemies and political adversaries, accentuated when Vadivelu became the main campaigner for the DMK and made many derogatory remarks about Vijayakanth on the public platform.

Shortly after the release of election results, Vadivelu’s house in Saligramam was stoned and damaged.

The actor is now in Madurai and has been conducting telephonic interviews, saying that Vijayakanth’s victory (now the official opposition) was due to the “Amma wave” in Tamil Nadu and not because of Vijayakanth’s popularity.

Read the full story on the Vadivelu-Vijayakanth issue at : https://udhayamonline.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/vadivelu-from-comedian-to-villain-what-went-wrong/

Vadivelu evades the Press

15 May

Vadivelu, who was not seen anywhere in Chennai after the announcement of the results of the Tamil Nadu Local Government Elections, was seen yesterday in his home city, Madurai.

Reporters spotted him coming out of the home of M.K. MK leader of Madurai. Vadivelu was there for less than an hour and then left.

Dozens of reporters tried to get a comment from him but he pushed past them with a gruff “No Comment”/

The once-popular comedian must be ruefully considering his options as an actor. The election results show that he has alienated 80% of the people of Tamil Nadu. He has attacked Vijayakanth – the man chosen by the people to be the official opposition. He has also attacked India’s most popular actor, Rajinikanth, in the public platform. None of those decisions will hold him in good stead either with the public or within film circles.

So what next? Perhaps he might host a programme on either SUN TV or KALAINYAR TV. With the 2G scam trial under the spotlight, he might well be left with only one option if Kalainyar TV loses its licence.

No Rana or Gana for Vadivelu after election results

14 May

Vadivelu speaking to reporters after being dropped from RANA.

Vadivelu probably regrets his poisonous and personal attacks against Vijayakanth during campaigning during the last elections. Despite the numerous attacks, Vijayakanth did not respond and this only incited Vadivelu to get more personal in his attacks.

Buoyed by attracting huge crowds during his campaigning, Vadivelu seemed to have been drunk with the taste of power.

When he was dropped from Rajinikanth’s Rana (undoubtedly because of his behaviour during campaigning) he even made a veiled threat against Rajinikanth and said that after the election results “we will see if there is a Rana”. predicting then that the DMK would win at least 200 seats.

Now that Jayalalitha’s AIADMK has won by a landslide and Vijayakanth’s DMDK emerged as the strongest of the smaller parties, Vadivelu must be wondering where and how things went wrong.

His leader, M.Karunanidhi, has already sarcastically told reporters that the people of Tamil Nadu want him to take a rest, so that is what he will do.

Where does this now leave Vadivelu?

It is a view that his dropping from Rana is only a taste of what is to come hereafter. Vadivelu unthinkingly alienated many within the industry during his campaigning – People like Vijayakanth and Sarathkumar both of whom are very influential in the film industry.

The question has to be asked: Vadivelu was the simplest and humblest of people who was loved by everybody. What turned him into this anger-filled power hungry opportunist? Is it simply a matter of an over-inflated ego or is there more to this? Either way, it seems that his film career is facing bleak days.

Even if the offers to act do come in, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of voters in Tamil Nadu disagree with his political views. Will the film fans separate politics from entertainment in a country where the two worlds are intertwined? Can the audience accept a venom-spewing politician as a funny man?

Read a comprehensive report on the Vadivelu-Vijayakanth spat on https://udhayamonline.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/vadivelu-from-comedian-to-villain-what-went-wrong/

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