Vijay wows Chinese fans in Shanghai

13 Jun

Fans anxious to get a photo of "VJ"

The tide has turned for Illaiya Thallabadhi Vijay.

Yesterday (Sun, 12 June 2011), Kaavalan was screened at one of China’s oldest and most prestigious cinema halls, Cathay Cinema. Kaavalan marked the inaugural of the Focus India section of the Shanghai Film Festival

The film was sold out for all 5 screenings and those who watched the first show throughly enjoyed the experience, laughing at the comedy and being driven to tears in the last half of the film.

Vijay said that it was incredible experience to witness how the people enjoyed the film, marvelling at how the film appealed to an audience outside the Indian diaspora.

A large crowd of fans sought Vijay’s autograph after the screening, shouting out comments like “You are fantastic”, “Bhoomi, you rock” “We want to see more of your films” and even “You are the Jackie Chan of India.”

Autographs for new fans


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